Friday, November 8, 2013

Reflection from10/31 class

     Grades can be very subjective if they are not aligned to specific goals. I believe vocational education has been the forerunner to this concept since its inception. The ultimate goal is to take your skills to the "real world". Therefore, the steps to these goals must be very specific and mastery of each step is crucial to move on to the next step.
     To address fix #2 - I do not believe in reducing marks on student work that is late. With many of the vocational courses, lessons and classroom work or activities do build on previous material and it is imperative for the student to understand this. Assignments that are graded and have a score of 90% or less can be corrected and resubmitted for evaluation. Any assignment not submitted for evaluation--that student is automatically scheduled a time either during SRB or before/after school to complete the missed work.
     Also, to continue to build on previously learned skills, immediate feedback for work submitted is very important. After review, I discover sometimes that I may have to reteach a concept or present it in a different manner. Lastly, we constantly make comparisons and review expectations of business and connect the bridge from school to work.

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